New photographs and an update

It’s been some months since the last Johannesburg post. The reason is that I’ve been working on an exciting new project based on some of the work here (and a whole lot more). The publisher has asked that I don’t divulge too much information just yet. There are a few processes and formalities to go through, but I’ll post the official announcement here first.

In the meantime, Prof. Cathy Munro suggested a reference for the two church pieces. I’ve made my spreadsheet available with all the listings I compiled and worked off for both pieces. Some information is missing or was unknown. Please let me know if there is anything to add.

Download the church listing HERE

Also updated is the Lithuanian Shul in Part 2 where the mystery of the cut-in-half building has been solved thanks to info from Yolanda Meyer at the Railway’s archive.

Slightly off topic, but also of historical merit are two pieces I’ve written on the history of Johannesburg’s nightclubs. It looks like this will become a regular series, as the more I research and the more people I interview, the more I uncover. I’ve started with two dance clubs from the early 1980s, but will eventually cover a whole spectrum from the original Ciro’s circa 1950 in Kruis Street to mid-1990s clubs like Le Club and The Doors. I’ve already researched a few old buildings that were once clubs in various older posts, most notably the 1906 Herbert Baker School of Music in Doornfontein that became the Adam Leslie Theatre, Mandys, Idols and finally ESP.

Read about Heaven HERE and Scants HERE.

Some of the research for the new project has uncovered some fascinating never-seen-before photographs. Here are a few of them:

Trams in Market Street

Lunch on Anstey’s rooftop

Tram tracks in Newtown with now demolished power station chimneys in the background

Recently lost Mutual Square in Rosebank

Christmas lights in Eloff Street



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6 thoughts on “New photographs and an update

  1. Joan Budricks on said:

    Thank you so much ,brought back so many Good Memories ,did you know the Palm Trees removed from the Power Station , are now standing at City Power Booysens ? Heronmeer Rd . I saw them being removed ,transported and re-planted ,they are still standing & Growing in all their Glory

  2. Graham Dickason on said:

    Those trams are at the cnr. HARRISON & Market Sts. Three of the buildings on the rhs are still there! Night clubs – I remember the 400 was the top of the Chrysler Building towards the end of Eloff street going south. During WW2, the Officers Club next to the old Metro Theatrein Bree st., was regarded as tops!

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  3. I particularly like the photograph of the trams in Market street.

  4. bewilderbeast on said:

    “exciting new project based on some of the work here (and a whole lot more). – I’ll post the official announcement here first.”

  5. Barry Hosford on said:

    Love the pic of Mutual Square. We used to frequent Bothners Music shop, and the Tivoli restaurant.

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