Podcast and updates on next suburb

I recently joined Melanie Walker on her Reading Room Podcast where we spoke about the book and all things ‘Johannesburg’. Click on the link below for the episode.


If looking for a copy of the book, I recommend Takealot or Loot who always have stock at the lowest prices and deliver to your door. eBook and Kindle version is available on Amazon.

Johannesburg Then & Now Podcast episode
Reading Room Podcast

Since the piece on the Transvaal Memorial Hospital for Children and the birth records relating to the old Queen Victoria Nursing home, there have a few developments.

A small group of volunteers lead by the Chairman of the Johannesburg Branch of the GSSA, Natalie da Silva, have started the painstaking job of digitising the birth records. Visit the GSSA website HERE. The newsletter relating to the project can be downloaded HERE.

Prior to this, I received a phone call from a gentleman, who after reading the piece, managed to track down his birth mother via the records. It’s always pleasing to hear stories like this and to know that the research has somehow gone on to help others in some small way.

The next suburb for this blog will be Newtown. The focus will be around the 1902/1903 Insanitary Report that was responsible for the eventual flattening of the old suburb and surrounds and fashioning it into roughly the layout that we know today. There are no photos of the old area that I’ve found yet, but various maps exist that show the old layout and streets.

The old and the Newtown (Source: Marc Latilla)

Lastly, Mayat Hart of Mayat Hart Architects and Heritage Consultants shared this wonderful info-graphic on what homeowners should do regarding the heritage status of their house when wanting to build or demolish.

National Heritage Resources Act for Homeowners

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2 thoughts on “Podcast and updates on next suburb

  1. Hi Marc. I just finished listening to your discussion on the Solid Gold Podcast. It was a fascination listen. Keep up the good work. By the way I bought your Johannesburg then and now book. In 2019 I went on a tour with the Johannesburg Heritage foundation.

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