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I’m back after a short period of burying myself in new research, planning and writing. The result (well, one of them) is my new monthly historical feature on JHBLive called ReJHB. It’s a quick burst of fascinating historical facts about various landmarks in and around the city: what they looked like then, what they look like now and where relevant, what was there before. It doesn’t follow the rigid order or period of my blog and gives me the chance to put out some interesting posts that would have otherwise been lost.

The first piece is a brief history on Johannesburg’s early cemeteries.

Braamfontein Cemetery 1890s

Braamfontein Cemetery 1890s

Braamfontein Cemetery 2013

Braamfontein Cemetery 2013

Check it out here. It will form the basis of a more in-depth post on this blog in a few months time when I reach Braamfontein.

I’ve been following JHBlive since 2007. They have a weekly newsletter I subscribe to that covers events taking place in Johannesburg (there is also a Soweto, Durban and Cape Town edition) as well as new & interesting restaurants and other places of interest. Well worth checking out.

The Johannesburg Heritage Foundation have just released their 4th quarter 2013 program. Download it here to see what tours they have planned for the rest of the year.

I’m adding the final touches to my next post which covers Fairview (or Fauwcus Township as it was known). It’s a little known and historically rich suburb crammed between Jeppe, Troyeville and Kensington.

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One thought on “JHBlive monthly feature

  1. Sharon on said:

    Beautiful then but scary and dangerous now! Also very neglected.

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